very advanced odd 1st cycle(?), discussable

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Picture ID: 903
Upload: 27.03.2011
Photo date: 29 December 2009
Location: tineretului park, bucharest
Photographer © cristian mihai
Gallery: michahellis 1cy
Species: larus michahellis

this problematic bird serves for a number of questions: is it a mich? i think yes with that overall contrasting pattern. this pattern in itself is really odd. especially GC and TT patterns don't at all fit a 1st generation scheme. like scaps and most (if not all?) LC and MC it looks as if GC and TT have been replaced but don't either fit the typical 2nd gen. scheme of pattern but - something in between. 2nd gen. type scaps with an irregular pattern that is acceptable and not unseen. but some are greyish. all these have even evoked the question if the bird could be a very retarded 2cycle! especially when considering the small pale spot close to p10 tip (underside of left p10), visible in both pics and suggesting the hint of an early mirror! but i still think that this bird is an exceptionally advanced 1st cycle having replaced all coverts and tertials (primaries??) on a very early date. early replaced feathers usually looking closer to the previous gen. ones. the grey scaps probably are 3rd generation!

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