juvenile, long tibia

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Picture ID: 87
Upload: 26.03.2009
Photo date: 13 August 2006
Location: olt river reservoir near slatina
Photographer © joszef szabo junior
Gallery: michahellis 1cy
Species: larus michahellis

this slender juv michahellis shows how leggy YLG can be. especially 1cy can look very lanky. some plumage details are recognizable despite backlight: inner GC are very strongly and contrastingly patterned (with a large amount of white, similar to argentatus), this pattern typically fading towards outer GC. head and neck show coarse streaking in this female type bird which probably has hatched either in southern transilvania or in bucharest (or closeby, at an unknown nesting site at lower olt river).
exif data say it was photographed on 18.08.2006 but the joszef told me it was taken in july.

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