3 first cy on 30.08., retarded postjuvenile moult

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Picture ID: 866
Upload: 18.03.2011
Photo date: 30 August 2010
Location: eforie, black sea coast
Photographer © cristian mihai
Gallery: michahellis 1cy
Species: larus michahellis

3 different individuals on the beach in eforie (black sea coast south of constanta). upper and lower bird have a lot of white in GC.
on average, it seems that YLG hatched on the romanian black sea coast are slower in postjuvenile moult than the offspring in bucharest. maybe they hatch later due to slightly harder weather conditions at the coast in spring. in bucharest, spring usually is warm and sunny, less windy than at the black sea. possibly bucharest gulls also have an easier food supply to feed their young?

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