6 poor record shots of flying birds at murighiol colony

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Picture ID: 705
Upload: 21.12.2010
Photo date: 07 May 2010
Location: murighiol saltlake reserve
Photographer © lou bertalan
Gallery: cachinnans adult alternate (january-june)
Species: larus cachinnans

the largest known (?) colony of caspian gull in romania is in the saltlake reserve near murighiol ("saraturi murighiol"), holding also the only known substancial colony of mediterranean gull of the country. the number of breeding caspian gull pairs varies from year to year, vaguely aroound 150-300p.
note solid p10 subterminal mark in the middle bird, upper row, and the dark smudge on a primary covert in the middle bird, lower row - both possibly signs of them being younger adults (5cy?).

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