10.4.23 bird 1: thayeri male, incomplete p5 band

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Picture ID: 695
Upload: 21.12.2010
Photo date: 23 April 2010
Location: dambovita canal, bucharest
Photographer © cristian mihai
Gallery: cachinnans adult alternate (january-june)
Species: larus cachinnans

male type. bill bright yellow, red not reaching upper mandible, small black mark on upper mandible, gape and orbital red, iris tone darker than typical michahellis - greenish ochre yellow.
legs dull yellowish ochre, feet more orangey-fleshy.
p10 all white tip with narrow but clea connection to long white tongue, black being restricted mostly on outer web.
p9 with large mirror but no connection to tongue.
p5 subterminal band weak & incomplete, being interrupted 3-4mm on shaft.

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