upperparts of same? bird

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Picture ID: 610
Upload: 15.12.2010
Photo date: 05 January 2010
Location: herastrau park, bucharest
Photographer © cristian mihai
Gallery: cachinnans 2cy january-june
Species: larus cachinnans

possibly the same bird as previous (609) but hard to tell. the upperwing could fit either mich or cach. lower scaps with more transversal marks than expected for a cach but this i very variable. mantle greyish and partially with diffuse dark marks. tail band broad for mich and it seems to not taper towards corners. bill tip pointed (pr cach).

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You can clearly see the wide and well dark international airport group on the end distinct with the pretty sparsely noticeable rump/uppertail coverts. Nice comparison between the secondaries and the much paler coverts which makes clear cut dark and brownish areas on the parrots upperwing, see examples at Coursework Service UK . Also you can see the greyish layer and scapular down with dark centers creating a relatively unique overall look.