window in 1cy mich

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Picture ID: 309
Upload: 24.06.2009
Photo date: 11 August 2007
Location: vadu chituc, black sea coast
Photographer © joszef szabo junior
Gallery: michahellis 1cy
Species: larus michahellis

typical mich pattern:
- coarse triangles on inner GC, mostly dark outer GC,
- solid dark centers to MC (no pale bands as in caspian)
- venetian blind effect: dark outer, pale inner webs to primaries, especially inner ones, but note that pale parts of inner webs extend up to p9!

note especially that underside of the inner primaries looks pale, probably emphasized by translucency, while outer primaries appear dark (as well as tips to p1-p7). such a conspicous "window" is considered as a caspian feature and often serves as an additional argument to separate from michahellis, many eastern type michahellis show such extensive pale windows - and quite some dark cachinnans less pale inner webs. thus, overlap is complete in this feature also...

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