much black in wingtip: eastern?

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Picture ID: 171
Upload: 29.04.2009
Photo date: 26 February 2004
Location: danube delta
Photographer © daniel petrescu
Gallery: cachinnans adult alternate (january-june)
Species: larus cachinnans

bill looks perfect for cachinnans, iris is very pale and head shape looks rather michahellis like but it might be just the angle; legs are yellowish-pink (pro cachinnans).
primary pattern: the large amount of black in outer primaries with no visible long tongues on p9 and p10 on left upperwing, a hint of p9 tongue shining through on right wing, together with small, spotlike p9 mirror give this bird a michahellis look or maybe that of an eastern cachinnans. who knows - possibly it is one. note that in such birds the underwing tongues can be quite long leaving less place for black on the underside. thus there is quite a broad zone where the upperwing black 'bajonetts' are shining through.

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The bird is so beautiful and looking like just eagle. I am impressed with the university rankings details you have provided here. So fantastic and pleasing it was to have all the material on broad. Keep blogging.