"black" eyes

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Picture ID: 169
Upload: 29.04.2009
Photo date: 26 February 2004
Location: danube delta
Photographer © daniel petrescu
Gallery: cachinnans adult alternate (january-june)
Species: larus cachinnans

this one has very strong pigmented irises. on such a frontal view of wingtip it is hard to count primaries correctly: i was mistaken in thinking that this bird lacks a p5 mark because p8 and p9 are hidden behind p10.
this is seen in the following pic of the same bird (see shape of right foot, left one probably hidden in its feather "pockets")

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How beautiful this bird is! Sometimes, I think that I wish I could be a bird so that I could fly just like this. Thank you so much for bringing such beautiful allassignmenthelp reviews and birds photographs here.