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Picture ID: 1572
Upload: 29.09.2015
Photo date: 16 August 2015
Location: vadu, black sea coast
Photographer © lou bertalan
Gallery: comparisons cachinnans ; michahellis
Species: larus cachinnans, larus michahellis

same two birds as in previous pic with the michahellis in focus now. note the very similar structure of these 2 birds! bill, body shape (belly line) and even leg length are mostly identical, both seem to be males. so what is it that makes the bird in the foreground a michahellis? basically the contrasting scap and covert pattern (most scaps are juvenile, lc and mc) which shows a lot of waving and dark parts even form bars on inner lc. tertial pattern is one of those confusing ones with pale inserts making the dark pattern anchor shaped at distal end tertial - such an extreme waving is hardly shown by any cachinnans.

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