five difficult 1cy - all michahellis?

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Picture ID: 1561
Upload: 23.09.2015
Photo date: 16 August 2015
Location: vadu, black sea coast
Photographer © lou bertalan
Gallery: michahellis 1cy
Species: larus cachinnans, larus cachinnans/michahellis, larus michahellis

most of these seem to be michas, some of them are difficult:
1. leftmost bird is a bit ambigous: it looks snouty and has a round crown as in cachi, breast bend is high up and gc pattern somewhat diffuse. but it has a fairly high and blunt tipped bill, lacks a bump behind legs and tt pattern looks better for micha in my eyes.
2. next bird (2nd from left) is clearly a micha
3. (from left) - no idea what it is! probably a plain patterned micha
4. a large male, again difficult as it stands upright like a cachi but lacks a bump, crown is round but gonys is strong, gc pattern is a bit in between and tt pattern would fit a michahellis
5. again not easy, tt pattern and a 2nd gen. scap, again fitting micha.
see next pic for larger resolution of birds 4 and 5!

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