1st cycle cach, mich-like smudge around eye, active covert moult

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Picture ID: 1347
Upload: 27.02.2012
Photo date: 10 February 2012
Location: herastrau park, bucharest
Photographer © james avery
Gallery: cachinnans 2cy january-june
Species: larus cachinnans

fairly worn bird with active moult in (outer) lesser coverts which are shed revealing pale mc bases. it also has an unusually strong dark "smudge" around eye like we are used to see it in michahellis but the thin pencil streaks are brownish, short, not as bold as in most michs. tail shows undulated narrow transversal marks basal to the broad subterminal band. gcs are plain with the typical pale distal parts in inner gcs. tertials with thumbnail like white crescent.
scapulars of 2 different ages with lower ones being quite fresh and diffuse patterned.
bill with weak gonys. hard to sex.

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