mr. bean 6

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Picture ID: 1227
Upload: 13.01.2012
Photo date: 20 December 2009
Location: herastrau park, bucharest
Photographer © cristian mihai
Gallery: michahellis 2cy july-december
Species: larus michahellis

dorsal open wing shot on 20. december.
primary pattern, symmetric from p1-9:
p1-2 all grey with white tip
p3 with distal part of shaft dark and a tiny black subterminal mark
p4 with a solid subterminal mark and rel large apical spot
p5 largely black tip, apical spot small
p6-8 with all dark outer web, restricted pale on inner
p9 looks all black
left p10: long p10 mirror reaching further to the tip than in older birds with large apical spots and subterminal mark. mr. bean's left subterminal mark is narrow black and lies almost at the tip itself.
right p10 with an oval medium sized mirror covering mostly the inner web.

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